As a lighting designer as well as an interior Designer on many projects I have been commissioned to design I’ve been surprised how underrated the lighting element is. Clients are willing to spend money on expensive furniture or a beautifully finished kitchen but give very little consideration to the lighting element. The most expensive materials & interiors are never shown to their fullest without a good lighting scheme behind them. Incorporating the lighting as part of the scheme considering how the light works with the materials & finishes & creates different moods within the space is essential to a successful interior. The lighting design should always be considered as early as possible as part of the overall scheme.

Lighting projects can vary greatly from designing an overall scheme to one specific bespoke feature & from internal to external projects. The external space can be integrated with the interior through the use of specialist lighting.
I have just recently completed a project where I have bespoke designed a fibre-optic chandelier to hang through the central core of the stairs to the floor highlighting the beautiful lacquered finish & sculptural shape of the stairs. It colour changes through a spectrum from rich reds to vibrant purples & relaxing blues so the client can at the flick of a switch fix on one colour or continue through a cycle & I’ve fitted crystals to the fibre ends which reflect the light onto the stairs.

In a penthouse apartment in the city my client wanted me to create a wet room style shower for her boyfriend with dramatic lighting. As the room had no natural light I played on the dark side & fitted colour changing fibre-optic fittings in the shower area as well as working with vibrant blue LED fittings to create an edge lit illuminated oval feature mirror which reflects off the curved smoked glass of the shower & the black glass wall cladding. The room is dramatic & my client says everyone is curious about the soft glow resonating from the room & comment that its like a mini nightclub.

I also for the same client undertook the lighting of her roof terrace, which had an amazing view into the city & had recently been designed however the lighting was non-existent for such a fantastic space. I designed the space setting jewel like LED colour fittings between the sculptural plants so the space twinkles & illuminates in the evening for a great social party space & blends the interior & exterior together.

I have illuminated fish tanks, water walls with edge side lighting, designed internal pool lighting to colour wash the water as the client goes for an evening swim lighting. Lighting adds an element of excitement & vibrancy to a scheme.
Lighting can be used to great effect to add character and different moods to a space by the use of different colours red to invigorate to a relaxing blue for chilling in the evening. One of my favourite projects was a cinema room where the client wanted me to bespoke design the whole room from the curved love seats to the Audio Visual system & lighting. I used textured black wallpaper, rich purple velvet fabrics and installed a fibre-optic star ceiling as well as vibrant glowing LED strip lights inset between the steps & blue LED fittings to highlight the clients artwork. The whole room is a cocoon away from the stresses of everyday life.