Quirke McNamara Consultancy


As a lighting designer as well as an interior Designer on many projects I have been commissioned to design I’ve been surprised how underrated the lighting element is. Clients are willing to spend money on expensive furniture or a beautifully finished kitchen but give very little consideration to the lighting element. The most expensive materials & interiors are never shown to their fullest without a good lighting scheme behind them. Incorporating the lighting as part of the scheme considering how the light works with the materials & finishes & creates different moods within the space is essential to a successful interior. The lighting design should always be considered as early as possible as part of the overall scheme.


Philippa Thorp


Philippa Thorp started her interior design business Thorp Design 25 years ago. Thorp Design is now a company of architects, interior architects and interior designers with associate members for property finding and art collecting. The company is renowned for an uncompromising attitude to quality and workmanship, as well as for a highly innovative approach to solving client’s design challenges. With a refreshing attitude to problem solving, trying wherever possible to accommodate unusual requests, the company frequently succeeds where others might shy away from tackling a client’s objectives